Globetrotter Playing Cards


This school project focused on designing a custom-made deck of playing cards based on the theme of architecture. The cities I chose to illustrate were London, Tokyo, San Francisco, Sydney, Toronto and Frankfurt. This deck of cards would also serve as a collector’s item for people who love architecture, design, and travel, and like to collect custom made card decks.


8 Weeks


Designer, Illustrator

I finally took them to production while adhering to the following high standards of quality for professional poker cards:

1. Card Stock: 310gsm Casino Paper (Black Core)
Cards that are without a black core are transparent when held up against the light. Hence for opaque cards, black core is essential and it adds quality to the cards.

2. Card Finish: Linen Finish (Embossed)
Linen finish card stock has air pockets in it which makes it durable and more slippery. These are perfect for professionals who are in the playing card and games industry requiring top quality or simply for people who would like professional playing cards cardstock for their prints.

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