№ 3 | 2019 | figma, adobe illustrator

In the summer of 2019, I broke out of my university routine to join O(1) Labs as a Graphic Design Intern. I developed the primary illustration style for Coda (now Mina)—the first cryptocurrency protocol with a succinct blockchain.

The design process involved taking visual inspiration from delicate patterns and colors that conveyed a sense of security like fiat currency and official national documents like passports while representing the advancements in crypto. Additionally, I took some elements of the ALU circuit to give a glimpse of the inner workings of the product.


6 Weeks


Brand Design Intern

Current cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum store hundreds of gigabytes of data, and as time goes on, their blockchains will only increase in size.

With MINA however, no matter how much the usage grows, the blockchain always stays the same size—about ~22 kilobytes (the size of a few tweets). This means MINA can be accessed trustlessly from any device, including phones and browsers, and enables frictionless integration of cryptocurrency into applications for developers.

We launched our first Public Testnet in BETA on July 24th 2019 at 2 PM PST. As the first succinct blockchain, it generated significant interest from the community. I developed a Twitter card for our Community Call that was happening on July 18th to generate interest and update our Twitter followers.

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